Persian Yoga Level 1 Workshop

10:00 am - 07/16/2016

@ Texas Kettlebell Academy

7113 Burnet Rd Suite 118
Austin TX  78757

Persian Yoga Level 1 Workshop: Earlybird price $225 (AUD 320.00)

Strong, invigorating, and challenging, Persian Yoga is the physical conditioning arts of ancient Persian warrior nobility and modern day Olympic wrestlers, lifters and martial artists.
Persian Yoga (Pahlavani) combines traditional, time tested and battlefield proven methods to forge powerful warriors.

Be some of the first people in the US to learn this ancient art!

What you get:

1. Free Persian Yoga Level 1 Manual (offer only for Level 1 course participants)
2. 12 fundamental exercises & variations with the Meel (Clubs)
3. 15 fundamental exercises & variations with the Shena (Push-up board)
4. Over 20 movements, exercises & variations of Persian Yoga 5. Dynamic flexibility & Aerobic conditioning.
6. Introduction to the Sang (Shields) - ***usually not included in the PY Level 1 workshop
7. Two guided group training sessions.
8. Certificate of completion - Subject to completing the workshop
9. Option to get certified as a Persian Yoga Level 1 Instructor - Subject to passing the assessment component


Persian Yoga Level 1 workshop - General admission/Early bird price $225 (AUD 320.00) before May 31, $275 after.

****THERE IS A 20 PERSON LIMIT, sign up quick!*****


Kettlebell Level 1 workshop with ca. 15 moves @ US $400
Clubbellyoga workshop with ca. 20 moves @ US $1,100

Level 1 Workshop Program

Day 1 - ca. 4Hrs
Introduction to Persian Yoga & Circular Strength Training
The secret conditioning system of Iranian wrestlers and the physical arts of ancient Persian warriors! A time tested, battle-field proven, integrated approach to multi-skill & multi-planar movement and circular strength training. Developed millenia ago as a complete, yet simple, physical arts conditioning system to forge warriors out of ordinary people.

Fundamentals of Meel
Meel, the grandfather of the Clubbell & Indian Clubs! The Original & Authentic Persian Meel, made from one piece of timber for exceptional balance, symmetry and swing performance. Used for millenia by ancient warriors and modern martial artists to develop great strength, endurance, mobility, stability & syncronicity of the shoulders.

Fundamentals of Shena
The essential, and most ancient, calisthenics tool! The Shena is time tested to deliver results like no other similar device. Used by Persian warriors and modern day Olympic gold medal wrestlers. - Enables a wider variety of push-ups - Improves ROM, strength, flexibility of shoulders & hips - Safer push-ups
Group exercise session - Ca. 45 min
Variations with Meel
12 exercises & variations
Variations with Shena
15 exercises & variations

Day 2 - ca. 4 Hrs

Revision of Meel & Shena
Fundamentals of Namesh
Dynamic flexibility conditioning in Persian Yoga
Fundamentals of Pa Zadan
Aerobic conditioning in Persian Yoga
Revision of safety, fundamentals and key concepts
Group exercise session - Ca. 45 min

WHo is this for?

Persian Yoga is equally suitable, and adaptable, for beginners, avid physical culturists and aging athletes alike. It is simple but not easy!

Not only will you swing mace clubs, handle shields, do push-ups and calisthenics like never before, but also simultaneously develop multiple fitness components, and most importantly have fun while learning new skills and honing existing ones.

Persian Yoga is a powerful, dynamic and exciting practice that will unleash the warrior within.

Become who you are.
Thus spoke Zarathustra.

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