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Personal Coaching

2115 Rabb Rd, Apt A
Austin   TX 78704

Elemental Bodywork

Massage Therapy Definition Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consists of manual ...

Massage, Personal Coaching, Skin Care Service

10806 Plains Trail
Austin   TX 78758


Stephanie Puente is the President of CoreFactor Transformative Coaching and is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant through the Life Mastery Institute. She’s passionate ...

Personal Coaching

3300 Bee Caves Road, Ste. 650-1136
Austin   TX 78746

M-Powered Fitness

Hey there, Superhero-in-Training! I'm Maya G., and I'd like to help you tap into your own power source and discover your warrior within. I know that sounds hokey and unnecessarily ...

Personal Coaching, Personal Trainer, Physical Fitness

2400 Riverside Farms Rd
Austin   TX 78741

Mind Technology - Empowering People for Better ...

I assist people to tap into their human potential to achieve what is desired more effectively and effortlessly using multiple perspectives that make up layers of who we are. ...

Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Personal Coaching

Mailing: 3571 Far West Blvd #121
Austin   TX 78731


Are you ready to raise the bar in your life, in your love, and in your relationships? Are you ready to love without limits and live without fear? Laurie Ellington is a life-long ...

Ellen Carpenter Counseling

First, let me just say ~ Welcome. I’m so glad you have taken this step to consider counseling. This is a step of strength and courage in the direction of change, growth, ...

Counseling & Mental Health, Local Business, Personal Coaching

4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd
Austin   TX 78749

Activate Austin

Are you ready to awaken to your true purpose, passion, and potential? We offer cutting edge solutions that will give you an edge on life and accelerate your journey! We're ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Education, Educational Organization, Personal Coaching

2110 White Horse Trail Suite C
Austin   TX 78757

Relationship & Lifestyle Coaching

Here are a few things I help my clients do... * Learn the difference between conscious and unconscious beliefs and patterns, see where and how these beliefs play out in ...

Personal Coaching

Spyglass Drive
Austin   TX 78746

Naturopathic Elixir of Life

The Naturopathic Elixir of Life is an clinic that helps at-risk, gifted, and children who survive abuse and severe neglect to ascend beyond their physical, mental and spiritual ...

Alana Weaver- Etheric Wellness

Alana is a certified Meridian Energetics practitioner and intuitive spiritual counselor. She has been on a spiritual path all her life. When she was 21 she began a practice ...

SOS Leadership

SOS Leadership: Builds Leaders. Changes Cultures. And Improves Results. What sets SOS Leadership apart is our personal commitment to “roll up our sleeves” and ...

Business Consultant, Local Business, Personal Coaching, Professional Services

7703 N Lamar Blvd, Suite 310
Austin   TX 78752

Dr Lisa Leit

An online, interactive 3-step holistic wellness program designed to foster productive, fulfilling stakeholder interdependence by cultivating both individual well-being and ...

ATX Boot Camp Living

Boot Camp Locations: Auditorium Shores Bowie High School *see website or Facebook for dates and times* BOOT CAMPS & PERSONAL TRAINING - "Every accomplishment starts ...

Personal Coaching, Personal Trainer, Physical Fitness

6821 Barstow Ct
Austin   TX 78749

Road Dog Health & Wellness

Practicing Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Health Coach. I've spent decades on the front lines in the music industry - living out of suitcases, in vans and ...

Eatuitive Body Transformation Coaching

The Krysalis approach to weight loss, health restoration and body transformation is different from the weight loss approaches you’ve encountered in the past. To start, ...

Nutritionist, Personal Coaching

13740 US 183
Austin   TX 78750

Donna Philosophica

Donna blends ancient and modern wisdom to help you discover -- and live -- your unique genius. Her work includes astrology, hypnosis and practical coaching. Donna visits ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Personal Coaching, Psychic

8701 W Parmer Ln
Austin   TX 78729

Forbes Method

Fitness is not a mathematical equation. Fitness is not a linear progression or digression. You cannot input numbers into a calculator and output numbers that will help you ...

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